The Company


Mirabilis24 was founded in 2017. This name did not come about by chance. In Latin mirabilis means miraculous, just like the charecteristics of the snail.

Therefore, our vision is to make known to the whole world these beneficial properties by quoting an exquisite Greek product based on snail secretion.




Our breeding unit, which has been operating since 2010, operates in Sevasti Pieria in an area of 10 acres, where with a lot of passion and love we have created the ideal conditions to collect the highest quality mucus.

The foods with which our snails grow have been perfected during our travels and collaborations with farms around the world. As a result, from the day of hatching to the stage of adulthood, they receive all the nutrients and vitamins needed for their normal growth. They consist of 100% natural products such as corn, wheat and oats. Proper nutrition in the most ideal facilities are what ensure the highest quality mucus.



σαλιγκάρι εκτροφής

Mirabilis24 is not just a company that offers fine products in beautiful packaging. It is something much more. It is a whole philosophy of life, in the heart of which is hidden our deep appreciation for everything natural. What we are interested in is our production to be done with respect to nature.